Wadah is About
“Perempuan” and “Harapan”

Wadah Titian Harapan is a Jakarta-based foundation established by women for women and their families. It grew out of a need to bring hope by helping women help themselves and shape a better future for their families.

Bridging Hope and Resources for Women and Their Families

Wadah collaborates with a global network of individuals and agencies whose social mission and values are aligned with WADAH’s goals. Together we focus on providing infrastructure, grants and technical expertise that advance the cause of women empowerment.

You Can Make a Difference
With Life-Changing Gift

Do you know? With USD 1  you can help alleviate the effects of malnutrition in a child by providing a month’s worth of food supplements to augment his/her diet. You can make a difference. Click here to find out how.