Mastercard Empowers Cardholders to Give Back to Communities Through Priceless Causes

Mastercard provides cardholders with an easy, accessible and flexible way to donate meaningfully to those in need with every transaction through the Mastercard Donations Platform

Mastercard - Launch of Priceless Causes

Jakarta - November 20, 2017: Mastercard today announced the launch of Priceless Causes in Indonesia to empower cardholders to give back to those in need. By leveraging the company’s global network, the launch serves as a testament to Mastercard’s commitment to deliver change; positively contribute to communities and to reverse the spiral of poverty. 

The Mastercard Donations Platform, the first program to be rolled out under Priceless Causes, will connect cardholders with causes that are close to their hearts by facilitating easy and secure donations - whether one-off or with every transaction. With complete flexibility, control and transparency, cardholders will be able to enjoy a more seamless and convenient donating experience coupled with peace of mind. Mastercard is working with PT. Bank Central Asia as the acquiring bank to process all donations under the platform.

To celebrate the launch and the upcoming International Day of Giving (28 November - Giving Tuesday), Mastercard will donate IDR 135.000.000 each to our four Indonesian charity partners.

Mastercard will contribute IDR 540.000.000 to selected charities in conjunction with the launch.

Safdar Khan, Division President, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei said, “At Mastercard, our ethos of Doing Well and Doing Good is something we live by every day, and through this launch, we will facilitate charitable giving as an integral part of a cardholder’s daily life. With the Mastercard Donations Platform, cardholders can easily manage their donations with each transaction. By collaborating with local charities, Mastercard is pleased to help raise awareness and develop new sources of donations. We are proud to be harnessing our technology to improve lives and end the cycle of poverty. “


According to the Mastercard Ethical Spending and Charitable Giving Survey, 52 percent of Indonesians contributed to charity in 2016. The same research reveals that 64.5 percent of respondents in Indonesia rank children’s education and health as one of the causes closest to their hearts. Indonesian respondents also care about poverty and starvation alleviation efforts (61.6 percent) as well as women’s aid initiatives (39.4 percent).

The four Indonesian charity partners that will benefit directly from this platform include:

Pansophia Nusantara Foundation

Provides children aged 3 to 5 years old with quality education and proper nutrition to foster character-building, and to instill in them a sense of righteousness, solidarity, responsibility, and a thirst for knowledge from an early age.

Save the Children

Delivers change for children in 120 countries, including Indonesia, to give them the right to survival, protection, development, and participation in education to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

YCAB (Loving The Nation’s Children Foundation)

Provides opportunities to marginalized youth and empowers them to be self-reliant through education, a healthy lifestyle, as well as economic access for a better and sustainable future for themselves.

The Wadah Foundation (Yayasan Wadah Titian Harapan)

Addresses the special needs of women and their communities in social, educational, community and cultural activities, with the goal of lifting them out of the spiral of illiteracy and poverty.


The Mastercard Donations Platform is accessible from PCs, tablets and smartphones, and provides an easy and seamless registration process. Mastercard credit cardholders can easily register by visiting