WADAH Organizes Training for PAUD Tutors

The existing tutors do not have adequate standard of education (they teach only by the desire to serve without basic formal education), so that the Foundation held a professional training for them.

The training program would be held in 4 levels,  from basic to advanced.

The first level of the training has been conducted from 2 to 4 January 2012 at Wadah office. There were 24 participants, tutors and coordinators from 6 wadah communities.  Resource persons included  Dr. Lilis Suryani, Ms Wulan, Ms Nofi Marlina Siregar, Ms Niken  and Ms Annisa from PAUD Consultant “Bintang Rohman”

In this first training level  participants get  theory as well as  practice: singing, storytelling,  role play, making  weekly and monthly learning program etc..

The tutors were very excited and keep up with any serious material presented and they feel happy because all the material presented by the resource persons sometimes interspersed with direct practice or asked questions. This is because for them may never be done through formal education.

After undergoing training for 3 days, the participants received extraordinary benefits (increase knowledge, know how to fix the problem faced by the child, know what is good food for the health of children, and making teaching be a more focused.

However, due to various materials to be mastered in 3 days, it is not enough time for the tutors to absorb everything well. So that most participants expected to have further  training in the short time future.