Rashmi on the Facebook page of Barefoot College

Barefoot College 12 REASONS TO GIVE

#2: Rashmi, from Indonesia

Rashmi is from the small island of Flores in Indonesia, home to many Tsunami. The orphans and the families whose loved ones are periodically devastated by these natural disasters, many of which we never hear about, make their livings from the sea. In Rashmi's village, fishermen must spend more than $80 per month in costly Kerosene in order to fish at night. So Rashmi bravely put her hand up in the community meeting and agreed to come to Barefoot College so she could learn to make solar lanterns for her community—so that the huge monthly savings could be spent on education for children and other essential needs.

Her husband had been unwell, but she was determined to come and bring this valuable skill back to her village. Three weeks ago her husband passed away suddenly. we thought she would wish to go home but to our amazement she decided that he would be happier for her to stay and continue than to abandon the possibility of bringing change to her village. We honour her determination, her courage, her sister Solar Engineers and her trainers at Barefoot College, who have rallied around her, despite language barriers and cultural barriers.........to make sure she is feeling loved, secure and encouraged.