Inauguration of Pusat Kegiatan Masyarakat Wadah (Wadah Community Activity Center) Kampung Beting Remaja

Last Saturday, May 3, the sun shone brightly as cheerful and vibrant kids of Kampung Beting Remaja lined-up the alley heading towards the Wadah Community Activity Center or Pusat Kegiatan Masyarakat Wadah (PKM WADAH).

One could see the happiness and excitement that radiated from the smiles of everyone, both young and old residents alike.  As soon as Wadah Patron Mrs. Anie Djojohadikusumo arrived together with Mr. Al and Mrs. Margaret Njoo and their son Daniel, the kids performed the martial arts Pencak Silat, a traditional Betawi way of welcoming guests. From the corner of the alley, the guests were ushered by the youth to the new building.

Ibu Anie and the entourage greeted everyone as they walked through the alley to the newly constructed two-storey building, the PKM WADAH.  The ceremonial ribbon cutting was led by Ibu Anie and Mrs. Margaret Njoo.

In her opening speech, Ibu Anie thanked the couple Mr. Al and Mrs. Margaret Njoo who are two of the most active supporters and Friends of Wadah.  The couple is a staunch supporter of Wadah who regularly donates sizeable amount to help in the construction projects of Wadah.  This newly constructed building called Pusat Kegiatan Masyarakat (PKM) WADAH is just one of the many projects they helped build.

In his response, Mr. Al Njoo delivered his short but meaningful speech on behalf of his wife, Mrs. Margaret.  He reiterated their continued support to Wadah’s activities which they believe are truly noteworthy to support and assist.

At the inauguration, also present were WADAH and YAD Executives and staff, members of the local community as well as Wadah tutors and volunteers from other communities.

PKM WADAH was constructed in response to the growing need of the community that needs continuous attention and support specifically on educating the school-aged kids, school drop-outs and even the parents in the area.

The inauguration was capped with dance and song performances from the kids and youth of PKM WADAH.