Bumi Wadah Foundation Philippines - Gratitude Report

Bumi Wadah Foundation Philippines Gratitude Report: November 2013 - Early May 2014

Medical Relief and Birth Manger Update on the help YOU have provided in the first 6 months after Typhoon Haiyan

The 8th of May marked six months since the largest storm in recorded history made landfall. Please do not think for a moment that the Typhoon Haiyan aka “Yolanda” disaster that devastated the central Philippine Islands is over. It is not over. Brave, resilient and uncomplaining as the people are, life is far from normal. Our small shelter is just one example of what “home” is, for our patients.

Maria Cheryl lives here, her baby girl was born 10 weeks premature. If not for your help, the young first time mother, would have no support as her baby struggles to hang onto life. In the wake of disaster, people suffer from  dehydration, malnutrition, inadequate shelter, lack of transportation and extreme trauma. A recipe for complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

The Philippine Rural and Municipal Health Centers are still, for the most part, in ruins, but they are rebuilding. Their ambulance drivers deliver laboring mothers from far flung villages, to us. For there is no other place which is clean, open 24/7 and free, to give birth at. We have had mothers arrive in labor, just in the nick of time, from two, three and even as far as seven hours away. Some have given birth quickly upon arrival and hemorrhaged, thank heaven they found us! Dulag’s health officer, Dr. Alvarez has pleaded with us, “The disaster is far from over for the birthing mothers and their babies. Please do not leave. We need Bumi Wadah’s help, for where else can our women safely have babies?”

We are working hand-in-hand with Mercy-in-Action and other caring people to help independent midwives rebuild and reestablish their practices. Direct Relief International, who we are blessed to partner with, has brought us very complete and top quality Midwife Kits, to help midwives in the disaster zone get back on their feet. IMAP (Independent Midwives Association of the Philippines) is helping to distribute the kits.

In addition, we have begun a program of continuing education for women who wish to become midwives. Also UNFPA has approached us with a plan to work together to develop learning modules to improve the essential life saving skills of Filipino Midwives, as they recover from the trauma of the typhoon and return to work.

We Care Solar continues to work closely with Teresa Maniego, who heads up our team. Together we are placing Solar Suitcases in Midwifery Clinics and Health Centers to make sure there is light, so that life-­‐saving procedures may be provided.

Below: Shirley and her husband, with the twins who were born safely in the Bumi Wadah Birth tent. Angela, held by her father, is in perfect health. Gian, in the arms of his mother, had many inoperable congenital irregularities of his spine, bowels, renal system and legs. He lived with love from his family for only a few days.


The twins return home, to a family of love, in their remote village of Camote, where Gian passed peacefully.


 Our Nurses, Myra and Faye, healing with skill and love in the General Medicine tent.

This is a 6-month synopsis of the support you provided for the survivors of super typhoon Haiyan via Bumi Wadah Foundation International at the medical Relief and Birth Manger:

Babies born in the tent: 414 (In this month of May we will have had 500 babies!)

Prenatal check-ups: 2,193

Postpartum evaluations: 840

Home visits: 163

General Medicine patients, including wound care: 5,818 Ambulance transports: 248

Vaccinations (mostly tetanus to protect children from rusty storm debris): 293

Food provided, including Clif & Luna Bars via Direct Relief, Plumpy Sup and

High Energy Biscuits from World Food Plan, Metagenics & Carmans high protein

food bars from Australia plus cooked meals: 59,000

In addition, your early responder contributions made it possible for the Bumi Wadah and Bangon Isabel team to send to the hard hit, under-served areas, 3 boats loaded with food, family buckets, tools (bolo knives to build shelters) tarps (for fast roofing/shelter) solar lights (thank you Ibu Jen, and Laura Stachel of We Care Solar), water filters (thanks to Doc Handley of Wine to Water), Hygiene and Education Kits thanks to The Rotary Clubs of Cebu North, Cebu West, Mactan and Tacloban Rotary, along with the Rotary Clubs of Bali and the World, so much support. Maraming Salamat to Michael Franti, Sara and “Do it for the Love Foundation. ”Tog 8 Military team and soldiers from all over the world provided us with transportation by C 130s and helicopters. Hugs for Dana Romanoff, Celine Cervi and SOS Malta, Kagabay Foundation, Toba Pearl, Maita Maglapus & family, Doctor Valerie and Flower Essence Services, Dr. Nikko Peven- Izu and family, Dr. Marisa Casals, HUBUD Bali, Team Bumi Sehat International, especially Ibu Katherine Bramhall, Pak Frank Wilson, Ibu Eka Yuliani, Pak Sandyasa, Erin Ryan, Kelley Gary, Wil Hemmerle, Jacquelyn Aurora, Liz Sinclair and Trisna Mona; Akar Rumput, especially Robi Navicula and Lakota Moira; Teresa Mainego and Lucibelle Kyamko, Tina and Jun Ferreros, Ibu Anie, Pak Hashim & our Wadah Foundation Family.


Breakfast with Disaster Midwives ~ each morning the weary midwives, who worked all night, review each patient’s care for smooth hand over to the fresh team of nurses, doctors & midwives.

A team of 7 soldiers from the army engineer corps, working through the hot days, refurbishing our new clinic. Building in support of mothers, babies and midwives!

Volunteers from all over the world have devoted their hearts, hands and time to save lives in the Philippines. We LOVE you Bumi Wadah Volunteers! Words cannot express our gratitude. We also thank the families of our volunteers, who make huge sacrifices in support of our shared vision.

This very week, with the support of Dulag Dept. Of Health, our Barangay, and the Military, (local, regional & National govt. support) we have moved to a long-­‐term location. Births will no longer be in the tent, we have a HOME and a clear vision of sustainable support for the Typhoon Haiyan survivors.

We are the Hands, loving this work in the disaster zone…

YOU who support Bumi Wadah Foundation Philippines, are the HEART!

~~~ Maraming Salamat ~~~ THANK YOU!

If you wish to donate to Bumi Wadah’s Medical Relief and Birth Manger in the Philippine disaster zone, here’s how:



Account Number:     1490-190558

Bank:                           Philippine National Bank (PNB formerly Allied Bank)

Swift Code:                 PMBMPHMM

Bank Address:           ML Quezon National Highway Pusok, Lapulapu City 6015 Philippines

Bank Tel #:                 +6332- 340-5626

Contact Person:        MAITA C MANGLAPUS

Contact #:                  +63-917-6200060  /  +6332-4941126

Email:                          manglapusmaita@gmail.com



Account Number:      1374-0200-28

Bank:                            BANK OF PHILIPPINE ISLANDS (BPI)

Swift Code:                  BOPIPHMM

Bank Address:            Pueblo Verde MEPZ 2, Lapulapu City 6015 Philippines

Bank Tel #:                 +6332- 4959800

Contact Person:        MAITA C MANGLAPUS

Contact #:                  +63-917-6200060  /  +6332-4941126

Email:                          manglapusmaita@gmail.com