Youths from all over Asia convene at the Wadah Global Gathering 2015

Youth Speakers at Somandeng Beach
Youth Speakers at Somandeng Beach

Three (3) days prior to the Wadah Global Gathering 2015 (15 to 17 March), the youths from Wadah partner organisations in Nepal, India, Philippines, Afghanistan and Bhutan gathered for the first time at the WGG Youth Camp in Jayakarta Resorts in Yogyakarta. The WGG Youth Camp aimed to foster friendship and camaraderie among youth participants to feel comfortable with each other to rehearse their performances, speeches and to know more about Wadah by visiting one of Wadah’s PKM community (PKMW Bosskid). As most of these youths are first time travellers to a foreign country and be with youths of different nationalities, a series of ice-breaking activities were conducted giving each one a chance to feel comfortable with each other. A number of facilitators were present to keep an eye on the youth as well as to guide them through their rehearsals for the gathering. These facilitators were Mary Beth Lopresti, Margaret Connor, Babli Kalha, Joan Fulton, Tracy Trinita, Ivy Hares and Sonam Pem who were able to bring out the best in the youth and help build their confidence to come up the stage and stand in front of the guests at the Wadah Global Gathering.


On March 18-20, 2015, Wadah Foundation held the 2nd Wadah Global Gathering with the theme - Education: Building Blocks of a Better Future at the Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel, Yogyakarta. The gathering was attended by old and new Friends of Wadah from Indonesia, Philippines, Poland, USA, Spain, India, etc. They witnessed the testimonies and wonderful stories of the WGG Youth Speakers from Indonesia (Wadah Foundation, Gita Eklesia Foundation, SOS Children's Village), Philippines (Championing Community Children, Tuloy Foundation, Raise a Village Project), Nepal (Maiti Nepal), India (Saksham, Udayan Care), Bhutan (Tarayana Foundation) and Afghanistan (Shuhada Organization).

The youth from the aforementioned organizations were divided into 5 groups:

Dreamers From Afar (Tarayana Foundation, Raise a Village, Wadah Foundation)

From Nowhere to Somewhere! (Shuhada Organization, Gita Eklesia Foundation)

Jewels of the Bustling Cities (Championing Community Children, Wadah Foundation)

Abandoned No More (SOS Children's Villages, Tuloy Foundation, Udayan Care)

Victors True and Through (Maiti Nepal, Saksham)


The youth were divided into their respective groups according to their backgrounds and experiences. Each session was moderated by long-time Friends of Wadah, Sonam Pem of Tarayana Foundation, Robin Lim - CNN Hero of the Tear 2011, Efren Peñaflorida - CNN Hero of the Year 2009, Pushpa Basnet - CNN Hero of the Year 2012 and Fr. Ned Bisu of Raise a Village Project. See more on WGG 2015 here.