Wadah Conducts Its 2nd Annual Meeting

Yayasan Wadah Titian Harapan (WADAH) held its second Annual Meeting on 20-22 October 2015 at Amos Cozy Hotel, South Jakarta. The first Annual Meeting was held in April 2015 at Hotel Intercontinental, Jakarta.

The 2nd Annual National Meeting discussed the community plans and activities as well as the sharing of the work plan of WADAH for 2016. The said meeting was attended by representatives from Community Activity Centers (PKMW) from all over Indonesia - JaBoBek, West Java, Yogyakarta, Bali and Eastern Indonesia (KTI). In contrast to the previous Wadah Annual Meetings, this time, it was also attended by representatives of WADAH from abroad - Wadah Philippines, Wadah Malaysia and Wadah India as well as from Yayasan Al Hikam Cinta Indonesia of Minahasa Tenggara and Yayasan Al-Mubarok from West Lombok which is a new WADAH partner organization.

Ibu Anie
Ibu Anie

Ibu Anie, during the opening of the meeting, reminded the participants of the main purpose of Wadah in conducting its activities and in keeping with its humanity mission. Because of this, it is imperative that in every program or activity, the priority would be in human assistance.

In 2016, WADAH will open branch offices / new representative offices in Bandung, Ambon and Atambua. Currently, WADAH already has representative offices in Yogyakarta and Sikka.

The first couple of days of the annual meeting were filled with presentations by the Wadah communities from all over the country and was concluded with the presentation of Wadah Staff about the REWIN Program (Wadah Youth Indonesia), P3S, Administration/Reporting, Finance, Economic Empowerment, and the Paguyuban Keluarga Wadah (PKW). On the third day, a presentation by Wadah consultants regarding public health was shown to the participants. Wadah International (Philippines, Malaysia and India) also reported their activities and accomplishments for the year. Aside from that, the day also enlivened by the presentation of Yayasan Al Hikam Love Indonesia of Southeast Minahasa. The vigorous presentation was concluded with a dazzling theatrical poetry reading by Taufik Bilfaqih of Al Hikam, highlighting the current state of our nation. The Annual Meeting was officially closed by Mr. Hashim Djojohadikusumo.

On the same occasion, Ibu Anie introduced Mrs. Neeru Singh (wife of the Ambassador of India to Indonesia) as the Chairperson of the Wadah International Committee (WIC) where the team is in charge of the affairs of advocacy, fundraising and international networking for Wadah Foundation.

The atmosphere at the annual meeting this time is different from the previous ones where familiarity and closeness were deeply felt, especially when the participants shared their experiences and thoughts. Stories of successes and various problems were shared by the participants and through this exercise everyone was given hope and strength to continue and wholeheartedly commit themselves in their service to their communities.