Community of Kampung Rinjani Constructs a 20-meter Village Footpath

Kampung Rinjani.jpg

Arising from an unfortunate incident due to a slippery footpath involving a resident of Kampung Rinjani, the people, especially the women from PKM Wadah Kampung Rinjani, initiated the immediate construction of a 20-meter cemented footpath along the way to the site of the Wadah-assisted PAUD Titian Harapan Rinjani. The construction has become a community activity which is done every Sunday.

About 80% of the funds for this construction came from the Kampung Rinjani community and 10% from the people of Kampung Rinjani who live in other islands. Almost all members of the community, men and women in Kampung Rinjani were actively involved in this mutual cooperation, including children and youngsters. Meanwhile, the members of the community who could not participate directly in the work, donated drinks and food.

The construction of  the trail takes about 2 months of labour which started in January. Now the footpath is wide enough and convenient for both pedestrians and motorbikes (Warni / Kiki).