SpotLight Ball in Berlin - An Indian Indonesian Experience

On October 8, 2016, at the Große Orangerie Schloss Charlottenburg, almost 300 new faces graced the Wadah Foundation event. It was hosted by the Embassies of the Governments of India and Indonesia in Berlin, Germany. 

The original idea was to help raise funds to support the activities and communities of Wadah in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and India. But after a careful retrospection and evaluation, Wadah Founder decided to have it as an awareness-building event and introduction of Wadah Foundation to European countries. 

It was a rainy Saturday evening but the rain did not hamper the attendees and guests from coming, as they continued to arrive in droves jam packing the venue. People started arriving at the venue before 7 o’clock in the evening as the event was scheduled at 7:30 PM. While registration was on-going, a group of Indonesian musicians played the “Gamelan” music to entertain guests as they walk into the hall.

Ambassador of Indonesia H.E. Fauzi Bowo and Ambassador of India H.E. Gurjit Singh welcoming the audience to the SpotLight Ball Berlin.

Ambassador of Indonesia H.E. Fauzi Bowo and Ambassador of India H.E. Gurjit Singh welcoming the audience to the SpotLight Ball Berlin.

The Ambassadors of India and Indonesia. H.E. Gurjit SIngh and H.E. Fauzi Bowo opened the event and delivered their welcome speeches and offered their congratulatory messages to Wadah Foundation, most specifically to its Founder, Mrs. Anie Djojohjadikusumo. Thereafter, the AyuBulan Dance Group led by Dr. Bulantrisna Djelantik who came all the way from Bali, Indonesia together with some German dancers performed Indonesian and Indian dances. AyuBulan Dance Group performed the Balinese dance while the German dancers did the Indian dance. The third dance was a fusion of Indian/Indonesian dance. The dance performances were just fantastic. Everyone enjoyed and were truly entertained by the dances. After the short program, all guests were ushered to the left wing of the Schloss for the dinner and continuation of the program.

Unlike any other events where tables are numbered, our event’s tables were identified using cities and villages in India and Indonesia. For Indonesia itself, we used the cities or communities where Wadah has presence. So one will find areas such as Jakarta, Bekasi, Parung, Bandung, Arjasari, Sikka, Maumere, Kupang, Yogyakarta, Tabanan, etc.

SpotLight Ball - Quartet

While guests were enjoying a scrumptious dinner, a symphony quartet played live music on stage. 

After the first main course was served, Ibu Anie was introduced and asked to deliver her speech. As usual, Ibu Anie spoke from her heart thereby captivating everyone in attendance. She opened her speech by inviting everyone to watch the FULL version of the new WADAH Profile video. This was also the launching of Wadah’s new profile video. Everyone was in awe after the watching the video. But they were even more surprised to hear and listen to Ibu Anie’s story on how she got inspired and motivated to establish Wadah. She narrated how she found the first community that she helped until the time Wadah was established, and up to the present where Wadah continues to serve. At the end of her speech, she thanked all the sponsors and donors who has helped in making the Spotlight Ball a success. She also called up on stage and introduced all the members of the Wadah International Committee (WIC). 

A surprise tribute was given to Ibu Anie by the WIC members led by Mrs Neeru. While on stage, Mrs. Neeru lit up a candle signifying Ibu Anie as the light that started lighting everyone’s way and life. Thereafter, from one lit candle, each one of the WIC members and Ibu Anie’s family members went around the hall to light up all the other candles. It was a solemn and moving sight to witness. 

Thereafter, few musical numbers were played by the symphony. Then, the German students from Enactus Mannheim were asked to say a few words about their project and their experience in collaborating with Wadah. Their testimonies were well received by the audience as they spoke in German language. 

Mr. Olaf Brandenburg, owner of the Event Management company announced their satisfaction over their partnership with Wadah. As they are celebrating their 10th anniversary, they decided to donate Euro 10,000 to Wadah Foundation. 

While desserts were being served the classic auction started. Only three items were auctioned the classical way while other items were done through the silent auction. 

While all these things were happening, WIC member Ian Rose and some WIC members hopped from table to table offering bracelets to guests. The bracelet was brought by Ian from London. It is a specially-designed bracelet with the Wadah flower made of sterling silver and the Wadah logo engraved at the back of the flower. A pearl accentuated the flower while the strap is made of genuine leather. 

At around 12 midnight, all the guests were herded back to the right wing of the Schloss for the Bollywood night. Guests and Wadah members danced their night away until past 2 o’clock in the morning. 

It was indeed a memorable evening having put Wadah Foundation on spotlight. With its success, we hope to see you all at the next Spotlight Ball whichever country or city it may be hosted.