PKMW Kampung Beting Cooperates with Bank Sampah

Kampung Beting - Waste Management

PKMW Kampung Beting Remaja in North Jakarta currently practices a new waste management program in cooperation with the Bank Sampah (Trash Bank) in various schools and districts. This activity also is supported by the whole community together with scavengers, various stall owners and housewives who are also participating. Through this waste management system, they segregate plastics, cardboards and aluminum to prevent pollution in the environment.

Cooperation and teamwork in managing the waste can be good means in instilling the values f honesty and fairness which can be tested when accurately weighing the trash in exchange for money. Not only that, this activity also promotes cleanliness and love for the environment and it also inculcates the habit of saving wherein the amount received from the segregation of trash can be saved for various purposes like paying for house rent. Furthermore, this activity is also hoped to foster the value f teamwork as the community performs such activities together.

(Ricardo Hutahaen)