Kampung Literasi Program in Pemagarsari Village Launched


The Office of Education and Culture of Bogor Regency, in cooperation with PKM Wadah Warabal, officially launched a program called Kampung Literasi or Literacy Village Program in Pemagarsari  Village, Parung, Bogor on September 18, 2017. Attending the event was Harris Iskandar, Director General of Preschool and Education for Community, Abdul Kahar, Director of Literacy Education Development and Equality, Head of Preschool Division of Bogor Education and Culture Office, Parung Sub-district Head, Village Head of Pemagarsari, and community representatives of the Pemagarsari Village.

PKMW Warabal_Kampung LiterasiJPG

PKM Wadah Warabal was appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture  to run the Kampung Literasi program.

In 2015, the Government launched a Reading Campaign and the Pilot Program for Kampung Literasi. Literacy does not only pertain to libraries, but also about numerics, science, citizenship and culture.

Kampung Literasi is one of the programs launched by the Ministry of Education and Culture to strengthen the vitality of Taman Bacaan Masyarakat (TBM) or the community reading corner. In 2017, Kampung Literasi is slated to be launched in 42 institutions in 42 districts of the city. This program was initiated by the Directorate General of Preschool and Community Education through a fund assistance to develop a literacy program at the village level.

The fund support would be used for the provision of reading materials, literacy tools, and literacy activities with local context approaches. In addition, the literacy community is not positioned as the object of the program, but rather is part of the literacy program itself.

Kampung Literasi would become the venue for various literacy actions. Communities around the Kampung Literasi would be facilitated with various reading materials that are contextual and expected to be instrumental in improving their quality of life.