Wadah International Committee Inaugural Meeting

WIC Inaugural Meeting

On February 4 to 6,the Wadah International Committee members convened in London for its inaugural meeting with the purpose of fostering camaraderie among the members, imbibe the spirit of Wadah, and discuss, plan, decide and work on the plans of action for each of the committee’s programs.

The WIC, composed of eleven (11) committee members are as follows:

Wadah International Committee

Founder                   Anie Djojohadikusumo

Chairperson             Neeru Singh

Co-chairperson        Alfredo Torno III                                 

Secretary                  Lim Choo Hin
                                Nathalie Bellosat

Treasurer                  Ian Rose
                                Joan Fulton

Members:                 Babli Kalha
Christina Ferreros
Linda Linsmayer
Margaret Connor
Mary Beth Lopresti                  
                                 Raof Shan
                                 Timothy Stanton        

Although it was just the first time for almost everyone to meet the newly installed WIC Chairperson, Mme. Neeru Singh, as well as the other committee members, everyone connected with each other as though there never was a need for a period of adjustment. When each one was introduced, it seemed everyone already knew one another for a long time. This is the advantage of having professionals in a team. Everyone treated one another like a family member whom one has not seen for a long time.

To ensure that everyone was on the same page, an orientation briefing about the current status and programs of Wadah, its mission and most especially the uniqueness of Wadah compared to other social organizations was conducted on the onset of the meeting.

The team worked not individually but as a team, where each and every thought, word, concept, and idea complemented one another. The flow of discussions from Day 1 to Day 3 was truly impeccable. Despite the full schedule the team had and the seriousness of every topic discussed, it was through everyone’s commitment and eagerness in tackling issues at hand that no difficult issues were left unturned. The discussions were just like putting bits and pieces of a huge puzzle and each one putting them into its proper place.

At the end of 3-day meeting, the team was able to achieve an enormous head start keeping everyone inspired and enthused to continue on what they have planned.

(Awareness Building, Interest Generating and Action)

Wadah Foundation knows the challenge associated in raising funds thus the team identified steps by which we will be able to meet our objective to raise fund. The first step that was identified is to allow individuals, organizations, corporations learn who we are. This can be done by creating and building awareness about us, our works and the scope that we provide. The Second step is to entice their interest and belief in what we do. Third is to encourage their action.

Combining all three steps into one, “Awareness Building, Interest Generating and Action” yielded a new name for the program which we will now call, “A BIG ACTION Program.” This is the Wadah way, we always do things with a purpose.

First on the list of events to be handled by the WIC and its first “A BIG Action Program” is the Gala Dinner and Bazaar in Berlin. This will be held towards the end of 2016. As the event will be held in Berlin, Germany, Mme. Neeru Singh, who is now Berlin-based, will directly handle the program with able support from other committee members. The objective of the program is to introduce Wadah Foundation and its programs to local organizations and individuals in Germany and neighboring countries to create awareness and gain local support. 

Another event for WIC is the Wadah Global Gathering (WGG). Now a banner program of Wadah Foundation, the 3rd WGG will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2017. As previously announced, the theme for the next WGG is “Women: Torchbearers and Pillars of Hope.”