Martial Arts

PKM Wadah Mutiara Abadi Builds Character through Pencak Silat

Indonesia is a multi-ethnic country and rich in arts and culture. One of the more famous ones is Pencak Silat, which is a form of self-defense handed down through generation which is reflective of cultural behavior of Indonesia which has been handed down from generation to generation. Pencak Silat is very popular like any other art of self-defense. It has also been included as a competitive sport in the international sporting events like the SEA Games and Asian Games.

Children of PKM Wadah Mutiara Abadi Win Big at Yogyakarta Championship 1

Pencak Silat or martial arts athletes of PKM Wadah Mutiara Abadi Yogyakarta, participated in the National Pencak Silat Championship called Yogyakarta Champions 1 on 18-19 March 2017.

Keiko of PKMW Despuri Wins Gold Medal at a Taekwondo Championship

The Palapa Club, in cooperation with the Department of Sports, DKI Jakarta, organized a Taekwondo Championship for children in kindergarten, primary school, middle school and high school (ages 4-18 years old) in Jakarta on 28th May 2016. The competition was joined by around 1,000 participants from various schools around the JABODETABEK area. The said competition was held in Cempaka Putih Sports Stadium.