Wadah Foundation

Mastercard Empowers Cardholders to Give Back to Communities Through Priceless Causes

Mastercard today announced the launch of Priceless Causes in Indonesia. The launch is part of a regional initiative to allow cardholders to give back to those in need in an easy, safe, and engaging way.

Wadah Celebrates Its 9th Anniversary

Wadah Foundation, which was officially founded on 25 January 2008, celebrated its 9th Anniversary on 24 January 2017 at Le Meridien Hotel Jakarta.

The anniversary celebration was attended by the Wadah “warriors” or volunteers from a number of Wadah communities in different parts of Indonesia.

Wadah International Committee Inaugural Meeting

On February 4 to 6,the Wadah International Committee members convened in London for its inaugural meeting with the purpose of fostering camaraderie among the members, imbibe the spirit of Wadah, and discuss, plan, decide and work on the plans of action for each of the committee’s programs.