Health Training Program - Region I (19-20 October 2017)

Health Training - Region I.JPG

“The material presented was very interesting, the delivery was simple and easy to understand. It can be applied directly to oneself, our family and others.” This was the statement of one of the participants when all the Health Training materials were distributed.

9 Wadah Activity Centers (PKMW) of Region I joined a Health Training Program. In total, 27 participants were present with each PKMW represented by 1 Health Coordinator, 1 Tutor/Teacher and 1 Community Coordinator. 

In a span of 2 days, the participants were provided with materials about (CHLB) “Clean and Healthy Living Behavior” and materials related to the impact of lifestyle behavior: infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases, drug hazards and diabetes mellitus. They were also given additional information about Children with Special Needs which is especially helpful in communities with pre-schools so the teachers would be able to recognize and detect early signs of children with special needs. The speaker/resource person, Dr. Widhorini MSc, understands what the needs of the communities are. With the help and guidance from WADAH, the materials provided were tailored to the participants’ needs.

The training was well-received by the participants according to the evaluation they submitted post-training - “material delivered was easily absorbed, packaged in an easily perceivable manner; delivery method by the speaker was relaxed so the participants were not easily bored..”

At the end of the training, the participants from each community wrote commitments on “What will be done either as a personal commitment or as a community after following the Health Training Program.”