The role of the WADAH International Committee (WIC) is to help sustain WADAH Foundation’s programs in all the communities that it supports, and encourage more kind-hearted individuals and organizations to actively participate in WADAH’s programs. 

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Mrs. Neeru Singh is the wife of former Indian Ambassador to Indonesia, HE Gurjit Singh. They have recently moved to Germany for another posting. She started her career with the prestigious Indian Administrative Service and worked there for over 12 years. Thereafter, she worked with numerous UN agencies: International Tropical Timber Organiation in Yokohama, UN Habitat in Nairobi, World Food Programme and the International Fund for Agricultural Development in Rome, the Economic Commission for Africa in Addis Ababa and the Department of Management at the UN Headquarters in New York. She joined the UN because she wanted to make a difference to the world and left the UN 18 years later with the firm belief that she needed to leave the UN to make a difference. Today, she strongly believes that being entrusted to be the Chairperson of the Wadah International Committee is the fulfillment of the said dream.



Alfredo Torno III currently serves as the Operations Director of PT. ARSARI PEDULI INDONESIA, a social enterprise established and operated to support Wadah Foundation’s operations in the long term. He also serves as the Executive Assistant of Wadah Foundation founder and concurrently appointed as the Co-Chairperson of Wadah International Committee.

Born in Manila, Philippines and remains to be a Filipino national up to this date despite having lived and loved Indonesia for the last 22 years. His work brought him to Indonesia in 1994 and has served various companies in Indonesia over his 22-year stint in the country. His involvement with Wadah Foundation started when he was asked to moderate the very first Wadah Gathering in 2009 in Jakarta. From then on, he got deeply involved in the staging of each and every Wadah Gathering earning him the post of the Secretary General of the Wadah Global Gathering.



Choo Hin is the Wadah Singapore contact personnel. She handles the regional distribution of Wadah newsletters and solicit funds from individuals for ad hoc emergencies and causes. Her community services were largely with the Reach To Recovery breast cancer support group as its Chairperson under the umbrella of Singapore Cancer Society. Advocacy and educational programs were organised for breast cancer patients, survivors and caregivers; cancer survivors were delegated to visiting and counselling post-surgery cancer patients. She also used to serve the Children’s Ministry before joining Arsari Singapore Office.


Nathalie is of French nationality based in Switzerland for over 20 years, working for an Indonesian international group. During these years, she had the privilege to be in contact with Mrs Anie Djojohadikusumo and observe her charity work. During her visits to Indonesia she had a chance to participate in meetings with the Founder of Wadah. In a way, she was always very frustrated to only be there as a guest and not be able to play any role in helping because of the long distance.



Ian Rose was born in Belfast Northern Ireland 28th April 1958 at 11.30pm. Schooled in Belfast and became interested in the jewelry business quite early on. His grandfather was a master watchmaker, jeweler and businessman, and both his parents were involved in the business. In the late 70’s, he left for the mainland to study gemology and apprentice at a highly reputable company in Liverpool. After 4 years he finally achieved his ambition of securing a position with one of the leading and successful fine jewelry companies in London, and soon after he was sent to open and manage their new showroom in Geneva. After a further 4 years, he returned to London and spent the following 30 years pursuing his career and passion of trading fine and rare gemstones and jewelry as a managing director for a few of the leading private companies.

With this he added, “my career has been a wonderful journey. It has allowed me to provide a relatively comfortable life for my family and myself, it has given me access to meet interesting and amazing people, it has allowed me to travel to many places in the world, whilst I do what I enjoy most, which is to work with nature’s miracle gemstones and help create and trade wonderful jewelry pieces. Every day I see something I have not seen before.”

“My son and daughter are grown up now but my daughter has recently passed her GIA diamond diploma and may well be a fourth generation jeweler, who knows, no pressure,” he added.


With an MBA from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stanford University, Joan spent more than 25 years in banking and finance with major banks and multinational companies (Chase Manhattan Bank, Union Carbide Corporation, Praxair Inc, UBS, Union Bancaire Privée, and Proxima Alfa (BBVA), first in New York City and Connecticut, USA then 20 years in Geneva, Switzerland, and eventually in Madrid, Spain. In 2010, she moved into teaching university business courses. She now teaches in universities in Madrid, Spain and Geneva, Switzerland. The courses she teach currently include Multicultural Management, International Business Policy, Multinational Enterprise, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management. Prior courses included Financial Accounting and Fundamentals of Business. Since 2004 she has been privileged to visit various communities sites of the Wadah Foundation in diverse parts of Indonesia. She has participated in the multiple gatherings (Jakarta 2009, Manila 2010, Bali 2012, and Yogyakarta 2015).

In 2013/2014 she was also a visiting professor in the Business Faculty at UKDW, Yogyakarta, Indonesia thanks to the Wadah Foundation and the Djojohadikusumo family foundations. Her current interests are trying to combine her business, humanitarian and educational interests to awaken awareness of young people in other cultures so they can make a difference. Participating on the Board of WADAH International Committee is both an honor and responsibility and is a perfect platform to bring my skills and interests to the benefit of others.



Babli is the wife of former Indian Ambassador to Indonesia, H.E. Ranjit Singh Kalha (1988- 1992). Babli and Wadah Founder Mrs. Anie Hashim became friends during their tour of duty in Indonesia. Mrs Anie’s stellar work with Wadah Foundation inspired Babli to become a part of the Wadah family. Babli now lives in New Delhi, India and is the representative for Wadah in India. Alongside her responsibilities with Wadah, Babli works as a volunteer and is associated with a number of NGO’s based in India. She assists Maiti Nepal, an organization that works toward protection, rescue and rehabilitation of survivors of trafficking. She also helps Udayan Care, a nurturing home with a mission to ensure quality care for orphaned and abandoned children and delivering empowerment to young girls through education and employability training. She likewise helps Saksham, an organization that empowers visually impaired persons and other forms of visual illnesses. Babli also assists Earth Saviour foundation, an organization that aspires to give a better life to the homeless and underprivileged.


Linda Linsmayer is a mother of two adult children and a former ad agency strategic planner who helped clients maximize effectiveness of each marketing communications dollar spent. Previous clients included prestigious world-wide corporations. Yet Linda feels most deeply motivated by her connectedness with mothers and women around the world who she has seen “love their children and communities as much as I love mine” and thus longs to help women in developing countries.

“Seeing how many people’s lives were tangibly transformed, and infused with contagious hope, was more than touching, it was transformational.” Linda explained after visiting several Wadah communities. “To witness the impact of the Wadah model addressing real world problems in an effective, impactful, selfperpetuating way, changed not only how I view the world, but how I give my time, talent and financial resources.” Linda continued.

“There are countless extremely worthy causes in the world. Yet I decided I maximize the R.O.I. of my resources by partnering with Wadah Foundation. I’m honored that I can make even the smallest of contributions to their already extremely successful transformational efforts.” Linda concluded.

In addition to helping on a grassroots level, Linda offers her expertise in communications to help Wadah create awareness with the hope that their efforts may multiply and ripple on. “Wadah has shown me, I may not be able to do everything. But by joining in with Wadah, I can do something that is having a lasting impact in our world.” When not engaged in humanitarian efforts, Linda can be found shelling and enjoying her community on Sanibel Island, FL.


For the past 32 years, Margaret Connor has lived and worked at secondary boarding schools in the US and Switzerland. With experience writing grant proposals in the Alumni/Development Office at Holderness School, in Plymouth, New Hampshire, her current focus is on residential and school life. Most recently she has been able to combine her commitment to service in the community and beyond as the Director of Community Service at St George’s School, in Newport, Rhode Island. Finding creative approaches to fundraising challenges and raising awareness through meaningful service opportunities for students and faculty is the heart of her work. She is “humbled and honored to serve the Wadah Foundation and the communities it empowers.”


Mary Beth knew early in life she wanted to make a difference and reach out to those in need. For 30 years, she has—both personally and professionally—as a social worker, recruiter, fundraiser, business owner, wife, mother, and perpetual volunteer.

With her degree in Social Work from LaSalle University in 1985, her experience included working in foster care and mediating for the City of Philadelphia. From there she moved to Boston and worked for ten years as a national recruiter for targeted health care. Eventually, her husband John’s career took them to the Washington DC area where they currently reside. As she and John raised their three children, she threw herself into volunteerism and fundraising for her kids’ schools, sports and scholars’ programs from preschool through college. It was also during this time that she launched a national flower-pressing business, “All Seasons Floral Preservation,” catering artfully and sensitively to weddings, graduations and funerals. During those eight years, her company earned multiple industry awards and the gratitude of countless clients.

Three years ago, her sister Margaret (fellow WIC member) encouraged her to visit the Wadah communities in Indonesia. It was there that her heart was captured. In her subsequent trips, Mary Beth says, “I have witnessed firsthand the impact Wadah’s programs have in the lives of the people and in the faces of the families. Becoming a part of creating an avenue for the international community to learn about— and support—all that is being accomplished by the Wadah Foundation is an absolute answer to my prayers.”


Raof Shan’s banking experience spans more than 25 years with Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad (now known as CIMB Bank). He worked with the International Banking Division for more than 10 years. His first overseas attachment was with Bank Bumi Daya, Jakarta in 1983 under the Asean Banking Council initiative, where he was responsible for the overall business development among the ASEAN countries particularly between Indonesia and Malaysia. He was the General Manager of Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad, Offshore Banking Unit in Manama, Bahrain in 1989. In 1991, he was then seconded to Coutts & Co., Nassau, Bahamas to familiarize with the offshore private banking business. Before leaving the bank in September 1994 he served as the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of the bank’s two subsidiaries, BBMB International Bank (L) Limited and BBMB International Trust (Labuan) Berhad respectively. Raof later embarked into the technology industry as the Chief Financial Officer of VtoV.com in Los Angeles, USA established in 1999. He was responsible for the overall financial affairs of the company. Raof is qualified with a Masters in Business Management from the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Makati, Philippines. He is currently the Principal Consultant for RDR Management, a consultancy company that provides business advisory services in all aspects of credit management and risk evaluation. He is also the co-founder and President of Wadah Malaysia.


Tim is Senior Associate/Engaged Scholar for Ravensong Associates through which he consults in global servicelearning design, development and research in the US, Africa and Asia. He is director emeritus of Stanford University’s Bing Overseas Studies Program, Cape Town. Prior to joining Overseas Studies Tim founded and directed the Scholarly Concentration in Community Health and Public Service at Stanford Medical School. He served as Associate Director and Director of the Haas Center for Public Service from 1985-1999. He has published numerous articles on servicelearning and engaged scholarship, including a book, Service-Learning: A Movement’s Pioneers Reflect on its Origins, Practice, and Future.


In a past life, Tina was a corporate public communications specialist who founded Redeman International (HRI) a regional consultancy firm with offices in Jakarta, Indonesia, Manila and Cebu, Philippines. HRI evolved from Communications Counsellors, a Jakarta-based marketing communications firm, where she built a reputation as a PR consultant’s consultant. She helped establish other PR firms and was a resource for affiliate PR firms and graphic design agencies in the region. In addition, she was Country Representative of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), a Manila-based graduate school of management. From her base in Jakarta, she was a contributing editor of the World Executive’s Digest, the Asian Manager, Lifestyle Asia. More recently, she has contributed to various Philippine publications: Bulletin Today, Zen Health, and Bravo Filipino. At present, Ms. Ferreros is president of the Board of Trustees of Philippines Wanita dan Harapan Inc., or Wadah Ph, a satellite of the Wadah Foundation. Before Wadah Ph was established, she belonged to the Friends of Wadah, a movement of women friends of the Wadah founder, seeking to make a difference in the lives of their countrymen... and women. Typhoon Haiyan galvanized the formation of Wadah Ph when the Friends partnered with Robin Lim, CNN Hero of the Year 2011, to take over a maternity clinic in a tent inside a damaged schoolhouse in San Jose, Leyte, in January of 2014. Wadah Ph is focused on expanding the reach, scope and scale of the Bumi Wadah Medical Relief Camp and Birthing Manger--where there is ALWAYS room- -as global warming escalates and super typhoons threaten to become more fierce and frequent, wreaking ever-greater havoc across the length and breadth of the country in the years to come.

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