WADAH Education Program is based on the belief that education, especially basic education is an important foundation to develop a new  generation who have character and dignity and human values.

The educational program includes pre-school teaching and learning, providing training and strengthening to pre-school teachers, tutorial classes, alternative learning system (Kejar Paket), adult literacy initiative, school facilities, libraries and scholarships. WADAH also supports participation in the development and preservation of traditional arts. Through educational programs, WADAH Foundation provides an opportunity for youth to discover their talents and develop them to reach their full potential.


WADAH Health Programs implemented by WADAH Foundation are aimed to provide public health in communities that do not have access to the basic health facilities. The health programs implemented include Posyandu activities with emphasis on involving local volunteers, feeding programs using nutritious food with local ingredients, provision of health facilities, sanitation facilities and improving the quality of maternal and child health. In addition WADAH builds capacities and provides public health knowledge as an effort to increase awareness and health promotion. WADAH also links local communities with health clinics or hospitals.


Economic Development Programs conducted by WADAH Foundation includes the provision of facilities for the development of small businesses in Wadah’s community, vocational training and training on financial management. WADAH also assists in the management of at least 2 different types of savings schemes for the community and provides capital financing and encourages the formation of cooperatives and small businesses operated by the members of the community. Thus WADAH provides small and medium enterprises with loans and supports entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. The program also has helped to provide solar power and water supply through hydraulic pumps. The program also aims to assist in the growth and development of economic self-reliance for the community members with the provision of additional skills.